Vacation Bible School

Save the date!   June 26, 2023 – June 30, 2023







The kids had so much fun this year at VBS.  “Thank you”  to all the parents for bringing your kids and “Thank you” for all the volunteers! 


See you next year!

Girls won the school supply contest. Way to go girls! 





Look at all the fun we are having this week! 




Always the kids favorite thing to do ! 




Monday, June 20, the 1st day of VBS.

Come join us! We are going to have fun! 

We will be collecting book bags and school supplies for our BOYS VS GIRLS mission this year. We will be collecting all week. If you would like to donate but will not be attending VBS, Twila is in the office from 9 am – 1pm during the summer.    Thank you 



Mark your calendars!

VBS – Rainforest Explorers Video


6:00 – 8:15 pm 

Light Kid-friendly meals served at 6:00 pm 

Children must be entering kindergarten in the fall to attend